Poppet dry room is not 

just for convenience, 

but a healthy pet-care life with 

everyday joy. 

Reduce the price burden and design 

a happy pet life with a poppet dry room 

of 20 years of air technology



poppet dry room is not just for only convenience, it is aiming for a healthy pet care life with the joy of everyday life.
Reduce the burden of the price and design a happy pet life with the poppet dry room that using air science technology for 20 years.


Easy Air Shower after walk

Detailed Dry


Anion, infrared

Aroma Therapy

PTC Filter

Safe design as

no over-temperature

Dust Filter

Easy maintenance

and cleaning


Choosing the color

right match with the space

Daily Pet Care

Designed as a care system specialized in pets,
Daily Care for the Health and  Body

Daily Pet Care

Daily care to control 

the health of mental and body

with dry or every day special care

Infrared LED + Anion 

skin  |  hair  |  stress release

Not only pleasant dry but also healthy 

daily care with VummPet's special color 

therapy that helps companion animal's 

improvement of hair quality 

and skin health

Aroma Care Package

aroma capsule 4ea

By mountingcare capsule 

inside of the product, 

you can use aroma care.

*separate purchase item

Infrared LED + Anion Care

For dry or every day special care

Skin Care  |  Improvement of hair quality  |  Stress release

Not only pleasant dry but also healthy daily care with poppet's special color therapy 

that helps companion animal's improvement of hair quality and skin health

Poppet Aroma Care Package

Aroma care that keeps your companion animal's 

mind and body healthier

By mounting care cartridge inside of product, you can use additional aroma care.

Lavender  |  Stabilizes the mind and body of companion animal

Phytoncide  |  Refreshing wind that like from forest

Lemon  |  Fresh wind that refreshes mind

Potpourri  |  Smells the flower-filled garden

* 붐펫 케어패키지는 별도 구매 상품입니다

Air Circulation Technology

Through a technically designed air flow that is optimized for the dry animal's posture, the wind in the room dries quickly and comfortably through the hair of the 

companion animal sitting inside the drier room. 

The used air is reused and optimized air circulation system for companion animals is used to obtain the most efficient dry effect with minimum power.

Air Circulation 

Innovative technology developed by 

air science technicians for 

companion animals 

15 minutes after a daily walk

Enjoy the 'Air Shower

Do not wipe out dust or other waste with 

wet issue from the companion animal 

or shake it in the house

15min Quick Dry

Perfect quick dry from top to bottom

dry-structure designed by  analyzing 

the posture of the companion animal 

when seated, and researched to achieve maximum dry effect through an 

appropriate amount of air flow path.

Possible to detailed dry 

from top to bottom

Collecting function of hair

collects hair or dust during dry or care 

through filter by collecting function

Even after drying and cleaning, 

the air is pleasant and clean.

Burdenless electric bill

저전력으로 매일매일 부담없이 사용

항공기 기내 난방 시스템에서 사용하는

PTC히터를 사용하며,

공기를 재사용하는 공기 순환 에너지

시스템을 적용하여 전력 사용량이 적습니다.

Product Information

15 minutes after a daily walk

Remove the outside dust with easy air shower

Do not wipe out dust or other waste with wet issue from the companion animal 

or shake it in the house. Do the 'Air Shower’ with poppet dry room.

Please use it many times every day to care for our companion animals with love.

Air Shower + Care

에어샤워와 함께  케어모드를 함께 사용해보세요. 

털 사이사이의 노폐물 제거는 물론 모질 개선과 피부 건강에 도움이 됩니다.

15minutes Quick Dry

The poppet dry room is designed by analyzing the posture of the companion animal 

when it is seated.  

It is able to do detailed dry for our companion animals.

Dry time test by kind

3kg Maltese  :  15min

5kg Poodle  :  25min

8kg Welsh Corgi  : 40min

*  The above contents and images are for understanding purposes. 

the time may vary depending on the type of animal and the toweling

Collection function

Dry without worrying about the hair flowing in the house

It has a collection function  that brings together hair and dust that flies during dry 

and air-shower for easy cleaning even after use.

Burdenless electric bill

Low Power consumption for everyday use

The poppet dry room uses only about 60% of the rated power consumption 

by applying an air circulation energy system that reuses the heated air which used.

Power saving over 60% of hair dryer

When using the poppet dry room, the actual power consumed is 60% of the rated 

power consumption when the normal room temperature of 20 to 35 degrees is set. 

The actual electricity charge is about 75 KRW for 30 minutes.

Product Specifications

DIY poppet dry room for my house


DIY dry room with color choice for space and interior design


With 20 years of air science technology starting with semiconductor and clean room facilities, this is a DIY-type dry room for quick-dry + house.


V9 (Gray, Pink, Orange, Blue)



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