Q. Is not the companion animal afraid of the dry room?


A. Our dry room is designed to reduce stress on companion animals as much as possible, so many of them are already used by their families, but there are some animals that are sensitive, need to adapt to their early use. If they have anxiety in a strange environment, you play with them with toy or snacks, like house or toilet training, and give them time to adapt slowly through the adaptation process.

Q. How long is dry time?


A. Dry time differs depending on the type of animal. Please do the toweling first to use dry room. Depending on the condition of toweling, dry time may be different. 


Average Dry Time

Small dogs (maltese/toypoodle, etc.) – around 15min
Medium dogs (Bichon Frise, Schnauzer, etc.) – around 30min
Large dogs (Golden Retriever, etc.) – around 80min


Q. Is not it a big burden on the electricity bill?


A. All models are maximize efficiency with minimum power consumption.


Therefore, comparing with normal hair dryer, it could save the electricity bill. 


The average power consumption of hair dryer varies from 1.2kw to 2.0kw on average.

In case of mini size of vuumpet dry room or poppet dry house, are 1.0kw  which is efficient power consumption.


In addition, after the temperature reach as set, the heater stops operating, which can saves 30% of the actual electricity bill.


Q. How do I manage or replace consumables??


A. Filter – it has designed as easy cleanable. You can clean the hair or dust with sticker roll etc.

Care Package - The optional care package consists of aroma capsule and oxygen cartridge.

The average usage cycle is 2-3 months for the aroma capsule and 5-6 months for oxygen cartridges.